About me

This is Engineer M.M.H Munna. I am an Engineer. I am completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering in Electrical & Electronic Engineering (EEE) from Fareast International University. “Quick learner” and “Passionate” are the perfect words that would describe me. I am always ready to take any challenge to learn about new technologies and tools. I want to establish myself as a smart technical head through hard work, passion, sincerity, dynamism and dedication.

I have 10+ years experience on Electro-Medical Engineering field. I have experience work on IVD (In Vitro Diagnostic) sector. Highly skilled and talented Biomedical Engineer with more than 10+ years experience in installation, maintenance, repairing etc. of medical equipment for pathology with proficiency in analysis, testing, engineering processes and procedures, combined with proven expertise in quality control and assurance. Possesses considerable engineering experience in the maintenance, repair and upgrade of capital equipment using advanced troubleshooting, critical thinking and problem-solving to develop corrective action plans.

Positive attitude toward charge and new environments. Sensitive to the dynamics of a cross-cultural work place. Ability to relate to people of different personalities and backgrounds. Tolerant, curious and appreciative of different work patterns while remaining committed to deadlines.


Bachelor of Science in Engineering
Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Fareast International University
Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Passing Year 2019
Diploma in Engineering
Electronic Engineering
Bogra Polytechnic Institute
Bogra, Bangladesh.
Passing Year 2010
Secondary School Certificate
N.F.U School & College
Bogra, Bangladesh.
Passing Year 2006


Skills Summary

Computer & IT Skills Summary